Top Tech Under 500

There are hundred of tech blog posts that you read everyday and you will definitely like few of them. But Today I am writing about top tech under 500.

yes you have read right, after well search over internet i prepared a post about cool tech under 500. The most important thing is that, they all are available on Amazon and If you want, you can choose any amazon cool gadgets under 500 from below list and can easily gift to your friends who love tech gifts.

Lets get started and enjoy to read about affordable tech gadgets.

Top Tech Under 500

top tech under 500

1. Philips Headphones

This simple and powerful Philips SHS390 features dynamic and super high bass, clear and great sound by the comfortable.32MM speaker driver. With one year warranty Philips SHS390 On-Ear Stereo Headphone a comfortable and perfect match for your lifestyle. Wire with a fine quality is easy to wear and also offers smooth sound transmission and ear cushions are also quite comfortable. It has everything to encourage the user to purchase it and the best part of this headphone is the price. Its pocket friendly tech under 500 and you can buy it from Amazon easily.

Philips Audio SHE1505 in-Ear Rich Bass Headphones with 10 mm Drivers, Passive Noise Isolation and Mic (Black)

It’s a pocket-friendly for every user which returns great value for money. It is equipped with effective sound technology that allows the user to listen every sound beat with more clarity.

2 ReMax Desktop Charger

After purchasing this top product what I can say about Remax charger is that it’s an energy efficient, super convenient and a high end product which really worth the money. I used it regularly and it charged all my devices at once at a rapid speed and nothing got over heated. It has everything for the user who wants an excellent and multi purpose charger that works well on moderate to high usage.

.5 USB Outputs Design: allows user to charge 5 devices at the same time.

• 3 Pcs 5V 1A Interface: can be used to Charge iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile devices.

• 1 Pcs 5V 2.1A and 1Pcs 2.4A interface: can be used to charge tablets like iPad, Lenovo etc.

3. Lens Coffee Mug

Are you seriously searching tech gift under 500? That’s great because I was in searching the same to gift something amazing to my photographer friend. I saw it online and purchased it after reading reviews. Once I hold the coffee mug in my hand I was fully satisfied with it. Great build quality with Stainless-steel lining and a neat and clean look make it a real camera lens. The company claimed this Lens Coffee Mug can serve multipurpose like you can use it as Cup, Money Box, Pen Holder and More. I will highly recommend it to anyone who has photography in his veins.

4. Folding Arc Mouse

Few impressive things which I have noticed in first look and use: Highly designed, comfortable to grip and use, Stylish and light weighted and offers great compatibility with every system. Comfortable and perfect fit for daily work and home computing. The product comes with Two AA batteries, travel pouch, wireless transceiver and Gift-wrap is also available with this handy product. It offers three years warranty and also offers the user to choose a product in a nice variety of colors. You should definitely give a look on these top tech under 500 and suggest others too.

5. Quirky Contort USB Hub: 

Technically designed quirky products are always in demand. This sturdy Quirky USB Hub works as per the company claimed and advertised. The elegant and useful product, and 4 additional USB ports within reasonable prices what else you want! The USB Hub is pretty good with no delicate wires. Overall I’m very satisfied and would recommend this product to everyone. Apart from this you can check my latest post about cool Gadgets on Amazon at best price.

6. Auto Timer Socket:

Cardinal features of this awesome quality Automatic Cut off Power socket that turns itself off at the desired interval:-

• Auto Cut-Off Socket

• 4 Timer Options

• Plug & Play


• 6 months Domestic Warranty

Auto Timer Socket can go with a wide number of needs. You can use it to charge almost any device such as their mobiles, Laptops, Tablets etc.

I would personally recommend this top tech under 500 to anyone who forgets to switch off their charger after use especially those having a habit of leaving phones on charging overnight.

7. Chronex Pop Socket + Stand: Key Features

• No fear of slipping

• Convenient & Colorful.

• Socket + stand can attach to most smart phones, tablets, and cases.

• Texting, calling, photos become much easier with enhanced grip capabilities.

I hope you techy people love to visit this post and enjoy to read about top tech under 500, that you can buy and gift to someone easily from Amazon. Don’t forget to share this tech savvy post with your friends who are looking for the cool tech gadgets with affordable price at home.

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